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Six years years since this first began:

*a heavily armed team of agents from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation raided Dr. Laskar’s home and office clad in bulletproof vests.

*Georgia Tech and state officials met with the IRS and claimed that he had stolen $2 million from the university. (It took four and a half years to clear Dr. Laskar’s name in 2014.)

*an internal investigation exonerated Dr. Laskar, prompting the university to replace the original auditor and quickly produce a new report that supported its allegations. “Let the bulldozing begin…” read an email from the university’s new auditor, Phil Hurd.

* The university illegally withheld Dr. Laskar’s pay and threatened him. His attorneys were told that his house would be seized and his assets frozen if he did not cooperate.

* The university unlawfully discussed Dr. Laskar’s dismissal with third parties and launched a media campaign to smear Dr. Laskar’s reputation.

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