Federal Suits

Last May, Dr. Laskar had sued the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents (BOR) in federal court, for violations of due process. Simply put, he has sued for the methods and manner that Georgia Tech used in firing him. Read the Complaint in its entirety. In December 2013, Federal Judge Thomas Thrash dismissed the case. Read the judge’s decision in its entirety. Next stop: 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

July 2014 Update: the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has granted Dr. Laskar’s request for oral arguments. The next court date is set for the second week of October (2014). This affords Dr. Laskar an opportunity to discuss in front of a panel of judges the illegal means and method by which he was dismissed from the university. This month (November 2014) the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals denied Dr. Laskar’s claim that he was illegally terminated.

December 2014: Dr. Laskar has filed petition for rehearing en banc, to have his termination argument heard by the full panel of 11 judges in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Read the petition 20141204_135059. UPDATE Dec. 17, 2014: due to a procedural error, Dr. Laskar’s petition has been denied.

In December 2012, Centric sued GTRC in federal court in California for violating its license agreement and for interfering with the commercialization of the technology. A hearing took place July 2013, and on Sept 24, 2013  a federal judge in California denied GTRC’s motion to dismiss the case, has issued a trial date for Dec. 1, 2014, and given Centric the rights not only to take depositions but also to seek damages. Read the order in its entirety.

As of July 2014: Centric has dropped this lawsuit.